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50+ Group

50+ Group

CONTACT: Mary Lou Strumph

PURPOSE: The purpose of the 50+ Group ministry is to reach people in the 50+ age group for Christ and show them through our lifestyle how to have a personal relationship with Him.

GOALS: To see people in this age group become involved in church and the community and allow them to share ideas on how to reach the unsaved.

ACCOMPLISHMENTS: We have welcomed many invited guests on our outings. Each outing or activity includes lunch and always includes a prayer time. Summertime activities usually involve outdoor activities and day trips. Wintertime involves more inside outreach events bible studies. We try to have at least one activity a year that we can invite the whole congregation to. Anyone interested in our ministry, no matter what age, is always welcome to join us.

PRAYER NEEDS FOR THE UPCOMING YEAR: Prayer for our health and for the stamina we need so that we may keep up the good works that Jesus has for us. Also, for Him to put the unsaved in our path and that we will recognize them and reach out to them.